Why Yogis Love an Infrared Sauna to do Yoga

Yoga studios are discovering that incorporating infrared saunas is a great complement either before or after a yoga session.

Infrared saunas are designed to heat you from your core, raising your body temperature to start your detoxification at a cellular level. Your cells increase metabolic activity. That triggers sweating toxins locked up in your kidneys and liver. An infrared sauna session will also aid in decreasing inflammation.

Why before a session?

  • Infrared heat will get you warmed up and ready for yoga, increasing blood circulation and muscle flexibility. This will help eliminate the opportunity for any accidental injury.
  • Endorphin production increases, flooding your body with energy.
  • 10-15 minutes in an infrared sauna will help you decompress from the outside world and get your mind ready to harmonize with your body and soul to get the most from your yoga session.

Why after a session?

  • Improves circulation to your muscles, aiding in post-yoga recovery.
  • Cortisol levels lower, giving your immune system a boost.
  • Serotonin levels rise, elevating your mood.
  • It’s a reward! Gives you a chance to relax, meditate and offer you a chance to emerge feeling relaxed and “reset” for the day ahead.

If you’re a yoga lover, consider incorporating an infrared sauna to enhance your overall health & well-being. You’ll be thrilled with the added benefits!