Get your Hot Tub Ready for Fall

Yes…like it or not, fall is upon us. In fact, it starts this Thursday, September 22nd. A lot of folks aren’t keen on fall—but I personally love it! It’s an outstanding opportunity to take full advantage of crisp cool nights in the comfort of a hot tub.


Of course, the best way to make sure you’re set for those terrific evening soaks is to get your hot tub ready for the coming season. Is yours ready? Here are some reminders of things you might want to do to get your hot tub in the best shape to take care of you in the coming months ahead.


  • Deep clean & drain your tub. This is a great time to give your tub a deep cleaning before draining it for the months ahead. Clean Start is an outstanding product that will give your tub’s plumbing and parts a cleaning and sanitizing—those parts of the tub you can never reach yourself.
  • Clean (or replace) your hot tub filters. One of the most neglected things in the hot tub in our experience—and the key to keeping your hot tub clean AND hot! Most fail to recognize that proper flow through your filters to the circulation pump and heater are key to making sure your tub is always up to temperature. And—here’s a news alert: rinsing your filters with a garden hose or under a faucet is not cleaning them. You need to use a cleaner that degreases the sleeves of your filter to get rid of body oils and other matter that clog the filter and prevent them from cleaning properly (and, again, ensuring good flow for heating). Filters should be replaced every two to three years, whether you think so or not. It’s a small investment to keep you in clean hot water! Get new filters and filter cleaner today.
  • Need a new hot tub cover? If your cover is getting so heavy you think you’re getting a workout or straining your shoulders and back to get some therapy, it’s time for a new cover. Heavy/water-logged covers leak energy, put undue stress on a cover lifter (which could cause it to break or damage the cabinet it’s attached to!) and can let unwanted debris in the tub. Call our Service Center for a new cover today.


Take care of your hot tub so it will take care of you this coming season! And, if you’d prefer we do the work for you, don’t forget our Signature Water Care Service. We can do everything you need to get your tub in pristine shape for fall.