Why Yogis Love an Infrared Sauna to do Yoga

Yoga studios are discovering that incorporating infrared saunas is a great complement either before or after a yoga session.

Infrared saunas are designed to heat you from your core, raising your body temperature to start your detoxification at a cellular level. Your cells increase metabolic activity. That triggers sweating toxins locked up in your kidneys and liver. An infrared sauna session will also aid in decreasing inflammation.

Why before a session?

  • Infrared heat will get you warmed up and ready for yoga, increasing blood circulation and muscle flexibility. This will help eliminate the opportunity for any accidental injury.
  • Endorphin production increases, flooding your body with energy.
  • 10-15 minutes in an infrared sauna will help you decompress from the outside world and get your mind ready to harmonize with your body and soul to get the most from your yoga session.

Why after a session?

  • Improves circulation to your muscles, aiding in post-yoga recovery.
  • Cortisol levels lower, giving your immune system a boost.
  • Serotonin levels rise, elevating your mood.
  • It’s a reward! Gives you a chance to relax, meditate and offer you a chance to emerge feeling relaxed and “reset” for the day ahead.

If you’re a yoga lover, consider incorporating an infrared sauna to enhance your overall health & well-being. You’ll be thrilled with the added benefits!

How About Glamping in a Treehouse with a Hot Tub & Sauna?

This is a terrific way to spend part of a vacation to England, re-live part of your childhood and enjoy adult amenities in one fell swoop: The Woodsman’s Treehouse.

In the midst of the pretty magical oak trees in Dorset, England you’ll find a treehouse one would many describe as the ultimate glamping experience. Guy Mallinson put a lot of thought and effort into building a perfect weekend retreat. And, what retreat would be complete without its very own hot tub and rooftop sauna?

Costing a mere £150,000 (or over $185,000!), you’ll find the perfect marriage of rustic woodsy feel along with adult niceties anyone would love: a wood-fired pizza oven, places to charge your cell and other devices, Wi-Fi, heated towel rails in the bathroom, as well as the aforementioned hot tub and sauna.

To help keep things on the camp/glamping theme, you’ll not find a TV. Instead, you’ll find a variety of board games including Monopoly, Backgammon, Scrabble and Jenga. While there is a lovely queen size bed, you might choose to take a siesta in the hammock on the treehouse main deck. Warm up near the rotating fireplace…and, when it’s time to return to earth, you might want to just travel from the treehouse down to the ground on the stainless steel slide!

Next time you’re headed to England, you might want to check it out. It sounds like a terrific way to spend a novel weekend in Britain. But, be prepared to invest a bit in the stay—depending on the time of year, your weekend retreat could cost anywhere from $975 to nearly $2,000.

New Study Reveals Sauna Use Can Cut Risk of Dementia 

A new study recently published by the University of Eastern Finland reports exciting results regarding dementia and sauna use!

In the study researchers went back over 20 years of records for men in good health aged 42-60. In looking at the data, various points were noted: age, alcohol consumption, body mass index, and blood pressure were all reviewed along with other factors. They found that men who took sauna sessions at least four times per week for at least 15 minutes a session had a 66% lower risk to develop dementia, and a 65% decrease in risk for Alzheimer’s disease!

More folks in the U.S. are realizing that regular sauna use terrific for stress release, better sleep, improved skin health and improved immune functions. With a study reporting such an amazing result of sauna use in decreasing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, it would appear that now more than ever is a great time to incorporate a daily sauna session into your life!

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Portland is fortunate to carry the world’s top selling brand of sauna, Finnleo. With Finnleo’s origins dating back over 90 years to Finland, they are experts at creating an excellent sauna environment for use in the home. (They’re also masters at stunning commercial saunas for professional sports teams, hotels, gyms…the list goes on!)

If you’re ready to take better health to a whole new level in the New Year, consider adding a Finnleo traditional steam or infrared sauna to your home. Our line of Hallmark traditional steam saunas are portable, set up in a short amount of time and the smallest unit only requires a standard household outlet to operate! You’ll be relaxing and getting the myriad benefits of regular sauna use in no time.

Check out our entire line of Finnleo Saunas and commit to a stronger, healthier you in 2017!

How Saunas Boost Your Immune System

Hippocrates, the Greek physician known as the Father of Medicine, once made this declaration: “Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease.”

Therein lies one of the reasons that regular sauna use is so effective for the body’s immune system. When you take a sauna, your core body temperature rises during the session, tricking your physiology into experiencing a fever.

This leads to several things occurring which give your body’s overall defense system a hand. Since many viruses and bacteria can’t survive in high heat, the sauna makes it hard for them to stick around. It can also help your body tackle a bacterial or viral infection you might be experiencing. The resulting sweating that takes place when enjoying a sauna aids in detoxification, flushing those nasty bugs out of your system. (And it makes your skin look pretty darn amazing to boot!)

If you’ve never tried going from your sauna to a cold splash, give it a try! Your white blood cell count increases when you alternate between hot and cold in a short span of time. Use a sauna for ten minutes, then retreat to a cold shower or bath for a period, then repeat the process a couple more times. It’s a simple way to give your body extra immunity boost with a higher white blood cell total.

When your wrap up is a sauna session, your body moves into cool down mode. Not only does this help you get a more restful night’s sleep (sleep is well known to be key in helping your body’s immune system), the cool down also increases cardiovascular circulation. This assists in cell repair—and it’s certainly heart health.

There are a myriad of reasons that sauna use is good for us. Know that you’re also doing your body good by naturally helping your immune system be more effective at doing its job.

Where is the Fountain of Youth? Inside your Sauna!

Have you ever noticed how incredibly young the Finns look compared to the rest of us? There’s a not-so-secret reality of their daily life that you can easily incorporate into yours: a daily sauna session.

The sauna does incredible things for your body, but you achieve that Fountain of Youth result from what it does to your skin. Daily sauna use will do wonders for your skin tone. Research has shown that a 20-minute daily sauna session will help keep your skin in tip-top condition. Here’s why:

  • When you take a sauna, your body naturally exfoliates your epidermis. Dead skin cells and bacteria get washed away. At the same time, nutrients and minerals are produced that help avoid wrinkles and minimize blemishes and acne.
  • Regular sauna sessions increase your body’s ability to keep your skin hydrated and help regulate your pH. This is especially critical to your “stratus corneum”—the outermost layer of your epidermis, which better protects underlying tissue from infection and dehydration.
  • Sauna sessions open up all your pores and increase blood flow to the epidermis. Ever notice how the Finns seem to have a healthy glow…? Regular exfoliation, toxin release and increased blood flow from regular sauna use keep the skin looking youthful and radiant. You’ll be stunned at the difference!

Winter wreaks all kinds of havoc on your skin—it’s the largest organ of your body and it’s exposed to all types of attacks from the elements. Regular sauna use can help defend your skin against aging and help you discover your own personal Fountain of Youth.

The holiday season is in full swing! Perhaps a terrific gift to yourself and your loved ones this year would be a Finnleo Sauna. We have the perfect sauna for every taste and lifestyle. Visit us today and find the perfect gift for everyone—you’ll love the way it feels.

The Secret to Good Sleep is Your Jacuzzi & Sauna

November is National Sleep Comfort month. It’s well known that getting a good night’s sleep is key to our bodies and our minds. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that an estimated 50-70 million adults in the U.S. experience a sleep or wakefulness disorder! They also noted that those who experience a sleep deficit are more prone to suffer from chronic diseases: hypertension, depression, obesity & diabetes among those cited.

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep as an adult seems to be the key average to get recharged and feel refreshed, alert and productive during the day.

If you do have trouble getting to sleep and having a restful night of slumber with fewer wakeup interruptions, your Jacuzzi or sauna could very well be the key.

When you soak in a hot tub or take a sauna about 45 minutes to one hour before you hit the sheets, you’ll discover you will not only feel more relaxed, you’ll also be setting your body up for success to get that much-needed shut-eye.

A number of things happen to your body and mind when you make a hot tub soak or sauna session part of your getting-ready-to-go-to-sleep routine:

  • Your body will experience an increase in endorphins, the body’s “feel good” chemical. This will help improve mood, as well as relax your body and set you up for a great night’s sleep.
  • Soaking in hot water or a toasty sauna will elevate your body’s core temperature. In about 45 minutes, your body will start to cool off and regulate. This cooling off triggers the mind that it’s time to rest. You’ll not only fall asleep faster, but also achieve REM sleep quicker. You’ll also likely find yourself sleeping more successfully throughout the night.
  • Because both the sauna and Jacuzzi will release muscle and joint tension, you’ll find that you’ll wake up refreshed with fewer of the morning aches many of us often experience.

If you haven’t made your Jacuzzi or sauna part of your nightly sleep prep routine, give it a try! You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in achieving a successful night of rest.

Pleasant dreams!

Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Traditional Sauna Session

The sauna craze is growing more each year in the United States. In fact, there are now more than a million saunas nationwide! Yet, many Americans still don’t know exactly how to make the most of their sauna session. We’d like to offer some tips.

  • Shower first. Get your body ready for detoxifying by cleansing your body of hair gels, deodorant, cologne, perfume, and make up. A shower will also help increase your circulation a bit to get your body ready for the session ahead.
  • Absorbent towels. Bring an absorbent towel to sit on the bench during your session, or a sauna seat cover. It will be great to sit on, but also great to help absorb sweat to minimize bench staining and keep ongoing maintenance easy.
  • Water for hydration! Be sure to bring water into the sauna in something insulated that won’t become hot to the touch.
  • Start at the top. Traditional steam saunas have an upper and lower bench on purpose. Sitting on the top bench maximizes your exposure to the heat rising from the sauna heater and gets your sweat on sooner. You’ll get your circulation going and start expelling toxins sooner.
  • Essential oils for your sauna water. Our favorite is Eucalyptus. Some drops of it in your sauna water will really energize your respiratory system and help open up your sinuses when you douse the sauna rocks with water and breathe in that fragrant steam.
  • Get a good sweat going. This can take at least 5-10 minutes. Once you do so, step out of the sauna and spend a few minutes cooling down. (Great time to also hydrate.)
  • Employ a brush, birch or a loofah. Once you start a sweat, a sauna brush or birch branches are excellent to stimulate your skin and rid your body of dry dead skin cells. Do this with each sauna session and you’ll be stunned with the appearance of your skin over time! It will absolutely look healthier and have a much more youthful look. If you don’t have a sauna brush or birch, a loofah is a good substitute.
  • Round two! Once you’ve had a cool down period, head back inside the sauna for the next inning. If you’re tolerating the heat well, start on the top bench again, and move to the lower bench once you begin to really heat up. It will allow you to stay in the sauna a bit longer for the second round.
  • Once you’re done… Another nice lukewarm shower to help your body begin cooling down. Give your body a chance to cool down before getting dressed, and continue to replenish your body with water or another refreshing post-sauna beverage.

There you have it! These tips will help you enjoy your sauna sessions to their fullest, and really give you some outstanding results.

Keep Colds & Flu at Bay this Season with Your Sauna

Cold and flu season is again just around the corner. While getting a flu vaccine, making sure you’re getting a good daily dose of vitamin C, and plenty of rest will help your immune system ward off colds and flu, a sauna can also be your friend.


Why? Viruses tend to thrive in colder conditions; hence the reason colds & flu are more frequent in fall and winter months. It’s been found that raising your body’s core temperature will help prevent those viruses from taking hold. Higher temps keep them from replicating in the body. And, it never hurts to sweat those toxins out of your system—any residual germs taking hold will likely be flushed as well.


Fatigue is one of the other things that tend to help viruses find the foundation to start attacking your immune system. Not only does sauna use boost your body’s natural immune response, it will also help ward off fatigue.


A traditional steam sauna is ideal to inhibit virus replication. A sauna session heated to 175 degrees or higher used 3-4 times per week would give your body an excellent added defense against cold & flu. However, even daily use of an infrared sauna will boost your body’s immune responses and flush the toxins necessary to give you the best chances to keep colds & flu at bay.


If you don’t have a sauna at home, consider it! Our line of Finnleo Saunas is easy to set up in a room in your home, and many only require a standard household outlet to operate. Why not give yourself a little bit of an in-home spa experience and defend against the cold & flu at the same time? We promise you’ll love it! Visit our showroom today and take a look at the entire line.

Infrared saunas can help improve heart health

Finnleo Infrared SaunaFebruary is American Heart Awareness Month. Cardiovascular disease is the #1killer of men and women in the United States. The amount of money attributed to health care, medications and lost productivity due to cardiovascular disease (including heart disease, stroke & high blood pressure) is in excess of $300 billion annually.

Doctors in Japan worked for over 20 years testing the benefits of infrared sauna therapy related to heart health. Known as waon therapy, it utilizes a combination of 15 minute sauna sessions (at 140 degrees Fahrenheit) coupled with 30 minute rest periods outside the sauna wrapped in towels.

The study concluded that waon therapy benefited the heart in a variety of ways:

  • It improved artery health. Arteries are lined with a layer called endothelium. The cells making up this layer produce multiple compounds that help arteries resist plaque development, blood clots and constriction. Therapy involving infrared sauna use was shown to improve the function of the endothelium.
  • It reduced the number of molecules that trigger inflammation. Our blood is filled with molecules that trigger inflammation, often caused by heart disease, stress, being overweight, and eating processed foods. After a few weeks of waon therapy, the levels of these molecules had decreased.
  • It improved the ability to exercise. Perhaps thanks to healthier endothelium and the reduction of inflammation, those going through waon therapy discovered they could do light exercising (including walking) even when they had been previously limited by heart of leg vascular issues.

129 patients were included in the study that had heart problems. Over a five year period, the patients who continued waon therapy a minimum of twice a week ended up cutting their re-hospitalization from heart disease by 50%.

If you have any chronic heart conditions, consult your doctor about the possibility of including infrared sauna therapy as part of your treatment regimen. It could make a big difference in your overall well- being—never mind what it will do for your mood!

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Portland sells the safest infrared saunas in the industry. Made by Finnleo Saunas, many of them set up indoors in minutes and only require a household outlet to operate! Check out the entire line, and make a visit to one of our showrooms to experience them firsthand. You’ll be glad you did!



Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Hot Tub or Sauna Lover

Finnleo Infrared SaunaOkay, I know you’re out there, you holiday shopping procrastinators! Luckily for you, we have a few ideas for perfect last minute gifts for the hot tub & sauna lover in your life. Here are some great presents to get the rest of your list complete!

  • We’ve got a terrific array of Spazazz perfect for the hot tub. Whether you choose one of our top-selling original scents, or the excellent options in the Rx line, you’ll surely elicit a smile from a hot tub lover. And, for the sauna, consider the Eucalyptus essential oil. It’s excellent for adding to water before dousing rocks in a traditional sauna, or pick up the aromatherapy infuser ideal for infrared saunas.
  • Linen sauna seat cover. This is a terrific item for the sauna! Keeps your bench stain free. Made of highly absorbent linen. Buy several so you have enough to toss in the wash and still enjoy a sauna session.
  • Hot tub umbrella. If someone in your house loves the hot tub—but not the pitter-patter of rain on their head while soaking—this is the ideal answer. Made of sturdy material for UV and mildew resistance, it can be swung over the tub for shelter or over a patio table sitting next to the tub for sunny days. In a variety of colors.
  • This works perfectly in both the hot tub & sauna. Keeps your electronics protected from moisture & humidity while you play your favorite music. Available for smart phones/MP3 players as well as for tablets. Check this E-Store page for other DryCase accessories too!
  • Spa Caddy. This terrific accessory mounts to the side of the tub and provides extra space for drinks, munchies, your phone & more. Anything you need conveniently nearby while you take your soak.

Those are just a few items we have available for your last minute shopping. Stop by one of our stores or check out our E-Store for more great ideas!