5 Terrific Plants to Surround Your Jacuzzi

With spring nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about bringing your backyard back to life. There are some great plants ideas to enhance your landscaping and give you some nature to enjoy while you soak in your Jacuzzi. Here are some things to consider when you get ready to break out the garden tools and refresh your space.

  • Bamboo can be terrific to add height to your hot tub environment, as well as create a natural screen for privacy from neighbors. It might be best to plant bamboo in pots to avoid it taking over too much of your backyard.
  • Fragrant plants can give you an entirely different kind of aromatherapy when you take a soak. If you have an area that tends to get a lot of sunlight, lavenders and lilacs would delight your olfactory senses. You could also choose fragrant shrubs such as Sweet Box that do well in shaded areas.
  • Sunflowers and mop head hydrangeas can add some texture and shape interest to your hot tub space. There’s nothing like cheery sunflowers to add a bright spot!
  • Hanging baskets with a variety of plants that have a mix of seasonal blooms attached to adjacent posts or fencing is another way to give depth to your Jacuzzi garden area.
  • When you plan your backyard space near your hot tub, be sure to avoid fruit trees. Best to keep those relegated to a space in your yard away from the tub to limit any bees or wasps that could be attracted to the fruit trees also deciding that the hot tub water is a good place to hang out as well.

Are you ready for spring? We are!