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Beaverton Sauna Dealer Offers Tips for Great Skin

It’s no secret that one of the terrific by-products of regular sauna use is incredibly healthy looking skin that glows. Here are some great tips and reminders that are especially smart for guys to observe when using the sauna to get the best results for their skin.

Clean Your Face First
Since working out gets your blood pumping and your body sweating, it’s important to give your face a good wash to ditch sweat already on your skin. You’ll give the sauna a fresh place to start to further open your pores and detox your epidermis.

Hydrate During the Session
If you’ve just worked out, you’ve already been sweating. The sauna will produce more of that, in addition to working on expelling toxins from your system. Be sure you’re hydrating with water or other post-workout drinks that help keep you hydrated and aid the sauna in producing optimal results.

A Short Session Will Do the Trick
You can hop in the sauna for as little as ten minutes to get the desired post-workout results. In fact, the longer you’re in the sauna, the less impactful it is on your circulation and other body functions. A ten-minute session will do the job.

Hop In the Shower
Make sure you finish your sauna session with a good shower to rinse all the sweat and toxins away and prevent any pores from clogging. Give your scalp a good shampoo too—your scalp needs to be clean to eliminate any inflammation around hair follicles.

Drop the Temp
Once you’ve showered, stay in for a few minutes and lower the water temperature. A cooler shower will replenish your body’s organs with blood as well as get your pores back to their normal “resting” size.

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