Winter Tips for Your Jacuzzi

We’re entering the depths of winter (well, at least what winter in the Pacific Northwest looks like). We know a lot of folks get tempted to drain their Jacuzzi during the winter and not use it. We’d like to submit to you that the winter time is absolutely one of the BEST times to use your hot tub! It will warm you up, give you a break from the hustle & bustle, allow you get some quiet time on a crisp winter night…it’s good for you 365 days a year, trust us!

Given that, we’d also like to note that, if you choose to use your Jacuzzi less, it would be best to not drain your tub. At the end of the day, it’s better for your tub to stay filled and heated during the winter months. It will keep the plumbing lines in your tub from getting the chance to dry out and perhaps get to the point where being left empty for an extended period might cause issues you could otherwise avoid if it was still full and hot.

That being said, we don’t want you just abandoning your hot tub in the cold for months on end. It will need some attention, just like anything else left outside in the cold. Take note of these and make sure they get done. (That way, if you get the urge to head out for a soak, it’s ready to go!)

  • Keep it balanced. Even without use, your water chemistry can get out of balance. Make sure you are testing your water weekly and making sure the alkalinity and pH are in the correct ranges.
  • Keep it hot. Most recent hot tubs draw less energy than a 40 watt light bulb when not in use! Really, you can afford to keep it running and hot and not worry about any extra energy expense.
  • Keep the filters clean. Again, even with little use, your filters are cleaning your tub. You want your tub to stay clean, as well as make sure the filters don’t get clogged and affect the tub’s ability to stay heated. If your filters are old, get them replaced.
  • Need a new cover? A lot of folks put this off till way too late. A good cover is essential for minimizing heat loss. Whether anyone likes it, a cover should really be replaced at least every four years. If your cover is old, water-logged, and not doing its job to keep the heat in the tub where it belongs, get a new one.

A tiny bit of effort will go a long way on keeping your Jacuzzi in great shape through these cold winter months and make sure it’s ready for you!

Stay warm.

How Saunas Boost Your Immune System

Hippocrates, the Greek physician known as the Father of Medicine, once made this declaration: “Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease.”

Therein lies one of the reasons that regular sauna use is so effective for the body’s immune system. When you take a sauna, your core body temperature rises during the session, tricking your physiology into experiencing a fever.

This leads to several things occurring which give your body’s overall defense system a hand. Since many viruses and bacteria can’t survive in high heat, the sauna makes it hard for them to stick around. It can also help your body tackle a bacterial or viral infection you might be experiencing. The resulting sweating that takes place when enjoying a sauna aids in detoxification, flushing those nasty bugs out of your system. (And it makes your skin look pretty darn amazing to boot!)

If you’ve never tried going from your sauna to a cold splash, give it a try! Your white blood cell count increases when you alternate between hot and cold in a short span of time. Use a sauna for ten minutes, then retreat to a cold shower or bath for a period, then repeat the process a couple more times. It’s a simple way to give your body extra immunity boost with a higher white blood cell total.

When your wrap up is a sauna session, your body moves into cool down mode. Not only does this help you get a more restful night’s sleep (sleep is well known to be key in helping your body’s immune system), the cool down also increases cardiovascular circulation. This assists in cell repair—and it’s certainly heart health.

There are a myriad of reasons that sauna use is good for us. Know that you’re also doing your body good by naturally helping your immune system be more effective at doing its job.

Need the Perfect Gift? We Can Help!

You have ten days left to get your shopping done and check everyone off your list…how are you doing? If you need some inspiration, we’d like to offer some ideas on outstanding gifts to help you out.

  • Give the ultimate massage to someone every single day with the Infinity Massage Chair. This chair is a real treat to someone who has circulation issues, achy joints, back issues, stands on their feet all day at work (or at home!)… It can really be paradise and a terrific way to reward yourself after a busy day. Plenty of massage options, lumbar heat, music, foot rollers. Get it today and it will be delivered to your door!
  • You likely love a good barbecue as much as the next person—and do we have the best grilling choice! Treat someone to a Big Green Egg. There’s a reason it has such an avid fan base—it’s amazing! Incredibly versatile, you’ll be able to grill everything to perfection and really be a hit with the entire gang.
  • If you’re spare on space but love the idea of surprising someone special with a hot tub, the ideal gift is a J-315 2-Person Jacuzzi. It has a small footprint, but still allows plenty of room for two to soak in style!

Of course we have plenty of other terrific gifts. These are just a sampling. Visit our showroom today and let us help you make this holiday really special.

Could Japan Have its Own Spamusement Park??

How crazy is this? Beppu, a city known the world over for its natural hot springs, might be developing the world’s first spa-themed amusement park!

Yasuhiro Nagano, the city’s mayor, stated that a promotional video posted on Facebook would serve as the catalyst for moving forward with the development of the park. If the video received a million views, they would move ahead with plans to build it.

Beppu Rakutenchi Park was the site used to film the video. If you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely need to check it out! In the video, visitors to the park clad only in towels walk barefoot from attraction to attraction in the new park. Cable cars with built-in tubs filled with hot spring water, bathing pools, gaming areas styled as steam rooms—even a rollercoaster is depicted with riders in cars filled with hot water!

Don’t worry about watching the video to help it hit the million views mark. Only four days after the video was posted it had already been watched 1.8 million times! Hence, the mayor has a lot of work ahead of him to get the park plans completed and construction underway.

If this indeed becomes a reality, it would certainly be a unique vacation destination that only the Japanese could bring to life. And, what avid hot tubber wouldn’t want a chance to see it in person?