Staying cool in your hot tub

Many folks steer clear of their hot tub in the summer time when it gets hotter outside. Our big question is, “Why?” Consistent hot tub use year round is the key to keeping your body and mind healthier and happier. In fact, when we become more active in the summer months, a hot tub can absolutely be key to help ease achy muscles or joints and help you ready your body to fall asleep on those warm summer nights.


It may sound like an oxymoron, but there are things you can do to actually help you stay cool while you soak when it’s warmer. Just a few easy things will help you get the most out of your hot tub and keep you soaking with pleasure.


  • Drop the temperature. Don’t go crazy with this! Since your body is at 98.6°, dropping the temp even one or two degrees from your favorite temperature year round can make a big difference. If you drop your ideal temp down two degrees, you’ll absolutely notice the change and be able to endure the heat longer. When you get to about 100°, the water will likely feel much cooler and refreshing and still give you good hot tub soaking benefits.
  • Enter slowly, exit slowly. If the outdoor temperatures have been on the high side, entering and exiting the hot tub slowly helps your body acclimate to the temp changes. This will aide your body to adapt to the new temperature of the water and ward off any lightheadedness.
  • Hydrate! Water is obviously a good answer to keep your body hydrated. When it’s been a hot day, drink plenty of water before you even take your soak, hydrate while you soak, and continue to do so when you’re finished hot tubbing. In the summer time, other terrific non-alcoholic beverages can really be refreshing: lemonade, iced tea, San Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Sodas (Limonata or Blood Orange—yum!) are all great options.
  • Keep your forehead cool. Here’s a great idea to help regulate body temperature while soaking: take a bowl of cool water with lavender and a wash cloth to the tub. Dip the cloth in the lavender water and create a cool compress for your forehead. It will smell good, feel good and help you endure the heat!


Don’t let your hot tub turn into lonely garden art this summer! Take advantage of it and all of the health benefits throughout those lovely summer nights.

Can an infrared sauna help combat depression?

A recent article posted on WebMD finds that infrared sauna use could help those with depression or anxiety issues.

A study was recently conducted with individuals struggling with major depression. In the study, 16 individuals were exposed to infrared heating to induce hyperthermia. It was discovered that, with a single hyperthermia session, depression scores in the participants dropped by nearly 50%–no small number!

A second study was conducted, introducing a blind treatment that would mimic the hyperthermia mixed in with the genuine treatment from the first study. Upon completion of that trial, only those exposed to true hyperthermia therapy produced by infrared heating resulted in a similar result. And, it was noted that even after six weeks the benefits of a single hyperthermia treatment remained a depression deterrent!

From our perspective, one of the reasons this could be so positive is the natural endorphin release that results from sauna sessions. Since endorphins are the body’s natural “feel good” peptide that causes a positive analgesic effect, it would seem logical that sauna use would certainly make you feel good. It certainly does to us!

Finnleo Infrared Saunas feature the added benefit of chromatherapy to your sauna session. As far back as Egyptian times, it was noted that bathing in certain colored lighting would generate different physiological responses in the human body. In the case of using infrared sauna therapy to help combat depression, we think that the following might be especially helpful:

  • Red—Known as the symbol of love and life, it is a color reputed to generate enthusiasm
  • Turquoise—A color that encourages mental relaxation and combatting psychological obstacles
  • Blue—Acknowledged for having a calming effect; helpful with sleep disorders and headaches

We’re enjoying the long days of summer right now, but sometimes with the fall and shorter/darker days, depression can attack even those with the strongest mental outlook. Investing in your own infrared sauna could not only help out with depression, it could also stave off short bouts of feeling low.

Visit one of our showrooms today and check out our line of Finnleo Infrared Saunas. All set up indoors in minutes, and several require only a standard household outlet to operate! You’ll love how it will make your body and mind feel.