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Before running out and hiring a personal trainer, think about this: there is a solution to not only boost your weight loss efforts, but keep you motivated along the way. Here’s how using a hot tub can provide the jumpstart you need to meet your fitness goals.

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[News Release] New Year’s Resolution Tips, Hot Tubs Beaverton, Swim Spas

Beaverton Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Dealer Shares 3 Ideas to Help People Break Bad Habits in the Coming Year. Offers Swim Spas, Used Hot Tubs for Sale ☎ 503-277-2170 or visit

Most of the things people commonly wish for on New Year’s Eve have a basis in the desire to change bad habits. Here are 3 ways to use New Year’s resolutions in a positive way that really can break bad habits and cause big changes in health and life.

To learn more, pick up a copy of our free Jacuzzi Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide” Just give us a call at 503-277-2170 or go to


Using a friend’s hot tub? Be a good hot tub guest



Isn’t it great to have friends with a hot tub at their house? Of course we think it is! We also think it’s our duty to share some etiquette tips about soaking in a hot tub as a guest…read on!

  • Nude or not nude? Ah…the age old question of hot tubbing! If you have friends who are open minded and you know they tend to soak nude, they might look at you funny if you bring a suit along. Then again, they may also look at you funny if you just trot out to the tub with a towel concealing your bare bum. Best to ask ahead of time if it’s a first time visit to a friend’s hot tub on the suit/no suit protocol.
  • If yes to suits, no laundry soap, please. One of the easiest ways to screw up hot tub water chemistry is to hop in a tub with freshly laundered suits. The residual detergent will get into the water, causing foaming and in some cases cloudy water. Many detergents also contain phosphates, which can lead to water turning green the next day. If you plan to wear suits, run them through a rinse cycle in the washer and let them air dry.
  • Arrive fragrance/lotion free. Excessive lotions and other grooming products (make up, hair gel) also cause negative side effects with hot tub water. If you can remember, do shower before heading over to your friend’s place, and resist the urge to use a lot of extra grooming products that can end up creating issues for your friend’s tub later. After soaking, feel free to moisturize away.
  • Bring a hot tub related gift. There are a lot of nice simple things that don’t cost much as a thank you gift for hot tub use: Plastic champagne flutes with Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, a pair of plush towels, and hot tub aromatherapy are all relatively inexpensive and a nice surprise when you arrive.
  • Bring your own towels. It’s nice to have your own towels with you, so you can use them for your after soak drying off and take them home when you leave.


Have a great time! Nothing is more enjoyable than taking a hot tub with friends and chatting away…it’s really great fun!

Great ways to prevent a cold—naturally  

flu season aheadIt’s the height of cold season—ugh! Nothing is less exciting than waking up discovering that you’ve got a scratch throat, stuffed up nose, sneezing—it’s such a drag.

Most of the time, we only think about what to do once we GET a cold. We’d like to offer some tips we’ve found online about how to avoid catching a cold period! (Wouldn’t that be much better for you and everyone around you??)

  • Tip #1—Wash your hands often. We’re not talking about being a germaphobe and getting tempted to practically glug a bottle of hand sanitizer. Simply be mindful about washing your hands a few extra times every day, especially after handling things other folks in public handle as well (door handles, shopping carts, after you fill your car with gas, attending church or other public events, etc.).
  • Tip #2—Eat more vegetables containing phytochemicals. Better for your body than just downing extra vitamins. Dark green, red & yellow fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals help supercharge the vitamins already in your food. They’ll help your body more naturally guard against infection and colds.
  • Tip #3—Relax! Stress suppresses your immune system and prevents it from defending you against germs and disease. Guess what’s a terrific way to relax? Soaking in a Jacuzzi Hot Tub! Taking a nightly soak helps you center yourself, release the stress of the day, and also helps promote a more restful night’s sleep. Using a hot tub will also promote healthy interleukin production, which helps your body ward off disease.
  • Tip #4—Don’t smoke. Smoking can significantly zap your immune system. Cilia—the very fine hairs that line the mucous membranes in your lungs and nose help expel cold and flu viruses through your nasal passages. Smoking dries out your nose, and some experts believe that smoking paralyze cilia for as long as 30-40 minutes!
  • Tip #5—Take a sauna! Elevate your body’s core temperature and create a “false fever” by sweating in an infrared or traditional steam sauna. This in turn boosts your body’s natural defenses to guard against cold and flu viruses. It’s excellent for your immune system! (This is also excellent if you start to feel a cold or flu coming on—you’ll might ward off sickness, or shorten the life cycle of your illness.)


Stay well!

Five winter hot tub no-no’s

J-300 WaterfallWe at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Portland know that there’s no better time to use your hot tub than in the depths of the winter season. It’s an awesome way to get rid of the winter chill, enjoy the tranquil darkness of a January night, and watch the steam rise off the hot tub as you melt away the stress of the day.

Even so, we know a lot of folks tend to curb their hot tub use in the colder time of the year. If you’re one of those folks, we want to offer some advice on some things to definitely NOT do during wintertime with your hot tub.

  • Do not get lazy with water care! We realize it’s not fun to trot out in the cold or rain to test your hot tub’s water—but balanced water is the key to keeping your tub’s components in good shape over time. Be sure the tub is treated with at least a dose of chlorine a couple times a week when not in use to keep the water sanitized. Make sure you check the alkalinity and pH levels weekly and keep them in balance. And, if you have a ProClear Mineral cartridge in your tub, make sure it is still changed every six months! The ProClear Mineral Cartridge is in use whether or not you use the tub. Don’t get lazy and ignore changing it.

HintIf you don’t want to test your water in the cold, take a mason jar out to the tub, fill it with water, and head back into the house to do your water testing.

  • Keep your filters clean! Folks often think that no hot tub use means filters don’t need to be cleaned. Not true! Filters clean your water even when the tub isn’t used, helping to prevent cloudy water. And—guess what the #1 reason is for a hot tub not heating up to temperature? Dirty filters! Be sure you clean your filters with filter cleaner once a month.
  • Don’t drain your tub! Lots of folks decide it’s a good idea to “winterize” their tub in the winter months. It’s really not the best idea. A tub that gets drained and left empty in the cold is susceptible to inner plumbing lines shrinking which could result in leaks once you fill the tub back up. Parts (jet pumps, circulation pumps, heaters) also might end up with small amounts of water inside of them that can freeze and cause cracks or other issues with the components to develop. Many times filters get left in the tub as well, and end up getting mildew-ridden and no longer useable once you start your tub back up. Best to leave water in the tub during those cold months.
  • Don’t cover your hot tub with a tarp! Covering your hot tub with a tarp or other material can actually cause the inner foam of your hot tub cover to sweat and increase off-gassing of the cores. It will greatly retard the life of your cover, and it will be prone to losing much of its ability to retain heat.

Hint—Make sure you treat the exterior vinyl of your cover with 303 Protectant to inhibit water absorption. And, make sure you lock down the cover straps, so your over doesn’t inadvertently fly off in case a windstorm blows through.

  • Keep the water topped off in your tub! Misuse of the tub and cold temperatures can result in some evaporation of hot tub water. Be sure the water level is maintained over the highest jets in the tub, so it doesn’t cause undue stress on jet pumps or circulation pumps trying to keep the water flowing through the filters. You’ll avoid the chance of an air bubble entering the equipment as well, which could cause the tub to stop heating altogether. Not a fun discovery, especially if the temperature drops below freezing for any period of time.

If you want to make it easy on yourself, feel free to contact our Service Center and chat with them about our Jacuzzi Care services. Our team can make regular visits to your hot tub during the harsh winter months and keep things in tip top shape, keeping you warm and giving you peace of mind!